PDC Update Day 2 – Windows 7

Day 2 started off with Ray’s talking about the convergence of the conventional pc platform and the internet, cloud, devices.  He quickly handed the floor over to Steve Sinofsky who almost immediately handed to the floor to Julie Larson-Green (VP of Windows Experience aka WEX).  She demoed several new features of windows including the new start bar (see photo below), Windows touch, Gadgets, the new Paint, the new Calculator etc…  She also showed some of the great work done around home networking and device interaction – in the photo on the left you can see a song being played to a remote device – this song resides on not on the PC running media player but on another machine and the song isn’t being streamed from the PC running media player either it’s being streamed from the machine that has the song on it.  All very cool and very practical.

Steve then did his own demo – his first demo was BitLocker for a USB key.  He then demoed NATIVE VHD support, creating and mounting a vhd from disk manager (I’ll blog in detail on this latter).  He also mentioned boot from VHD (allowing a physical server to boot from a a VHD) but didn’t show it (I wonder if someone will demo that).  Also demoed the new projector support as well as multi-mon TS (that got a huge response).  At our booth we setup a live migration demo (on Server 2008 R2) – I love that we can finally show and talk about these things!

Play To by LLarsen. Windows Taskbar Previews by LLarsen. Projection by LLarsen.


Taylor Brown
Hyper-V Integration Test Lead


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