Virtualization Sales Strong, Hyper-V Strong First Quarter

IDC released a report this morning entitled “Virtualization Continues to See Strong Growth in Second Quarter, According to IDC”…  Among the data they report Virtualization licence shipments in Q2 of 2008 increased 53% year over year.  Vmware holds the largest market share at 44% (combined VMware ESX and VMware Server) however Microsoft now holds a market share of 23% (combined Hyper-V and Virtual Server).  Back in October of 2006 IDC reported the Microsoft Virtualization share at a whooping 8.6% and in September of 2007 it was reported the Virtual Server market share was around 7%.  So since this is my blog (hence I can draw any conclusions I want) I’ll say Hyper-V took at least 16% market share in one quarter.

Any way if you want to read the full report go take a look at (it’s on the front page).


Taylor Brown
Hyper-V Integration Test Lead


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  1. Alan says:


    I believe the exact quote from the IDC press release is:

    “However, in its first quarter of general availability Microsoft Hyper-V delivered a strong showing, and when combined with Virtual Server 2005, Microsoft’s market share is 23% of new shipments.”

    So it’s a 23% market share of _NEW_ license shipments in Q208. No question, a quarter of all virtual platform licenses sold in one quarter is impressive, but it’s not the same thing as “Microsoft now holds a market share of 23% (combined Hyper-V and Virtual Server)” as you state above.  🙂



    You are correct…


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