Lazy Monday… Link’s to other great blog posts.

I've been a little light on content the last few weeks (the post RTM hangover is stating to fade finally)...  But luckily my collogues have been active with some great content.  Take a look.



Hyper-V Best Practices - Quick Tips (1)

Hyper-V Best Practices - Quick Tips (2)

Delegation Model in Hyper-V – Part 1

Delegation Model in Hyper-V – Part 2


Hyper-V Support Team’s Blog

All Hyper-V Posts (except the three below, they missed those on accident)

Hyper-V Event log Overview

Cluster Resource Type options for Hyper-V

Storage considerations for virtual machine configuration


John Howard’s Blog (Program Manager for Hyper-V)

Hyper-V: Why is networking reset in my VM when I copy a VHD?

Hyper-V: MAC Address allocation and apparent network issues MAC collisions can cause


Ben Armstrong’s Blog (Program Manager for Hyper-V)

Processor topology inside of Hyper-V virtual machines


Taylor Brown
Hyper-V Integration Test Lead


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