Backup Jobs Failing Post Nov Rollup Install

I wanted to post a final update to this post – we believe we now have the update fixed and this issue should be resolved. 12/1 – Resolution and Response To Comments We have fixed KB3000853 both on Windows update and on download center, the KB article has also been updated to reflect the issue…


Setting Guest IP Addresses From The Host

Last week at TechEd I had several people ask about how they can set the IP address of a guest from the host.  We’ve had this functionality in Hyper-V since Windows Server 2012, it was largely introduced for Hyper-V replication (to allow you to set a different IP address on failover).  But with a few…


TechEd Europe: Windows vNext Hyper-V Backup and Restore PowerShell Scripts

TechEd Europe –  Windows vNext Hyper-V Backup and Restore PowerShell Scripts We just had a fantastic session at TechEd Europe showcasing the next evolution in Hyper-V backup and restore coming with Windows vNext (currently available as a Technical Preview).  Once the session recording is live I will post a link but for those folks in…


Hyper-V Security Guide and New QFE for 2012R2 Addressing Backup with CSV Writer

If you follow me on Twitter (@HyperV_taylorb) this is old news but for those that don’t two updates for you… Windows Server 2012 Security Guide For Hyper-V This release of the Hyper-V Security Guide consists of this Overview and chapters that discuss methods and best practices that will help you secure your Hyper-V environment….


I’m on Twitter Now…

I’ve finally joined the world of Twitter…  Send me a Tweet @HyperV_taylorb or follow me -taylorb


Recording From TechEd 2014 Now Available

Last week was TechEd 2014 in Houston, if you haven’t been to TechEd before it’s quite an experience.  This was a great year and we have some excellent sessions that where recorded and now published online. Starting Page for All Sessions     Sessions I Presented Converged Networking for Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Building…


Importing VMs Utilizing The Hyper-V WMI v2 Namespace

I have had a few folks ask me about importing VM’s though our WMI namespace.  The Hyper-V WMI v2 interfaces introduce a new concept of planned virtual machines, this  allows you to create/import virtual machines and make configuration changes prior to realizing them or converting them to real virtual machines that can be started or…


Memory Configuration Utilizing The Hyper-V WMI v2 Namespace

I have gotten a few questions specifically regarding how to configure dynamic memory utilizing the root\virtualization\v2 namespace.  At face value it’s pretty simple you retrieve the Msvm_MemorySettingsData set the DynamicMemoryEnabled property to true, configure the startup (virtual quantity), minimum (reservation) and maximum (limit) properties and execute the ModifyResourceSettings method.  However if you just do those…


Best Practices for Virtualizing & Managing Exchange 2013

The Exchange team has just released a new white paper on virtualizing Exchange 2013, it’s over 90 pages and goes into pretty good detail – if your virtualizing Exchange or plan to going forward I’d spend some time going over it.   Best Practices for Virtualizing & Managing Exchange 2013   -taylorb


Removing a VHD From A VM Using The Hyper-V WMI V2 Namespace

What good would Attaching a VHD To A VM Using The Hyper-V WMI V2 Namespace be if you couldn’t remove one two… Here’s how you do it.   Removing a virtual hard disk $vmName = “Test” $vhdPath = “d:\vms\Test.vhdx” #Retrieve the Hyper-V Management Service, ComputerSystem class for the VM and the VM’s SettingData class. $Msvm_VirtualSystemManagementService…