Top Three Tips for Running Apps in the Cloud

Our own Joe Healy, Microsoft Developer Evangelist in Florida, interviews Ryan Dunn, “the” Windows Azure Evangelist, around topics such as Windows Azure in the Cloud. Don’t miss Ryan’s top three tips for customers running applications in the Cloud, when monitoring and working with production level applications.  Check out the Bytes by MSDN video interview at link….

Want to Get Your Head in the Clouds – Learn Windows Azure

If you are really interested in learning Windows and SQL Azure, they is no better time than the present.  Along with the ability to try out Windows Azure FREE for a month (see previous blog post), Channel 9 has a great training course.  The training course includes a comprehensive set of technical content including samples, demos, hands-on labs, and…

Get Your Head in the Cloud! Try Windows Azure and SQL Azure FREE for a Month.

Try the Windows Azure and SQL Azure free for a month. Get in the Cloud!  Through this unique offer, US developers can get a one month pass to try out Windows Azure and SQL Azure – without having to submit a credit card!