Public Service Announcement: Blog Update


Hi All:    

As I finalize two great blog posts, I wanted to announce my new blog: No need for alarm, however, my MSDN blog (this one) will be maintained and all new blog posts of the MSDN blog be the summaries of the detailed blog posts located at the new blog site. You can visit this blog and check out what technology information, tutorials, and/or code samples are being posted at new blog, and if something strikes your eye simply click the link at the end of the summary for the full post.

Thanks for checking out my blog and joining me on my technical adventures!

Up next 2 new blogs posts:

Part 6 of the MonoGame Shooter Tutorial and walkthrough of my joint Monogame Cross-Platform presentation and code from the great MonkeySpace conference ( I had the privileged to be a part of that was held in July.

Happy Coding!

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