Windows 8 Game Development using C#, XNA and MonoGame 3.0: Building a Shooter Game Walkthrough – Part 6: Creating Enemies and Detecting Collisions

  Overview Last time we met in Part 5 of this blog series, we created an animation to bring the ship to life by simulation of movement and propulsion. We also created and added a more realistic background to the game by the creation of a parallaxing background by layering three distinct images and moving…


Honeycomb Rush Tutorial for Windows 8 (Presentation/Code from MonkeySpace Conference)

Overview This tutorial will introduce you to game development on Windows 8 by using the MonoGame open source library, and Visual Studio 2012. During the course of this tutorial, you will build a 2D game by using MonoGame while becoming familiar with the key concepts of game development. The focus of this tutorial is writing…


Public Service Announcement: Blog Update

  Hi All:     As I finalize two great blog posts, I wanted to announce my new blog: No need for alarm, however, my MSDN blog (this one) will be maintained and all new blog posts of the MSDN blog be the summaries of the detailed blog posts located at the new blog site….