Home for the Holidays? How about a Holiday App Challenge to Pad those Worn Pockets..

  Want to Have a Very Appy (yes Appy) Holiday? Looking for a way to make some Extra Money ($$) over the holidays? You happen to be a student?   Well do I have a Holiday Deal for you…Take the Windows 8 Student Holiday App Challenge and win $100 for each published Windows 8 app!…


Windows 8 Game Development using C#, XNA and MonoGame 3.0: Building a Shooter Game Walkthrough – Part 2: Creating the Shooter/Player Asset of the Game

Overview The Shooter game from the XNA Game tutorial is a particular type of game with a set of well-defined limits around user interaction. Given these well-defined parameters we can leverage touch aspects of Windows 8 as well as other forms of user interaction for the user in playing the Shooter Game. In leveraging the…


Windows 8 Game Development using C#, XNA and MonoGame 3.0: Building a Shooter Game Walkthrough – Part 1: Overview, Installation, MonoGame 3.0 Project Creation

Overview Casual game developers have been using XNA since 2004 for ease of create games for Windows, XBOX and most recently Windows Phone. XNA is a .NET framework for game development providing a content pipeline and load functionality for game asset, animation, math, sound and user input tracking via gamepad, mouse, keyboard and touch with…


Get Appy: The Windows Store is Open For Developers

Are you ready for the good news? Ready to Get Appy?  Well here it is, the Windows Store is open for Developers and we’re all anxious to see all the cool apps you develop and place into the store!  What’s even more exciting is that all eligible MSDN subscribers receive a free, one-year Windows Store…


Windows 8 Developer Camps – Coming Soon!

Ready to dive in and learn more about Windows 8 and the developer opportunity it represents?  Then get ready for the series of Windows Developer Camps!  These are free, full-day, developer-focused events featuring a combination of sessions and hands-on labs, and we’ll have 10 of them right here in the east: Windows 8 changes everything….


Students Vying to Be the Big App on Campus: You Can Help!

This year has been exciting to be a Developer Evangelist covering the Academic space.  It’s been fun for me working with Student developers across the Greater Southeast.  Developer Evangelists all over the world have been engaging with students to inspire the next generation of developers to create unique experiences for Windows Phone. A few months…


Want to Get and Keep a Job…Coding Seems to be the Key

  Today I read a commentary out of the San Francisco Bay Area, that discussed the fact that in the Bay Area they are not feeling the effects of the 8.9% Unemployment rate due to the overwhelming need for technologists and the growth of technology companies.   In fact, the article from Market Watch (that can…


Want Fame? The Big Apps On Campus is the Way

Hopefully by now if you are a student at any College or University, You have heard about the Big Apps on Campus contest and the upcoming Hackathons being held on various campuses across the US. Big App on Campus Big App on Campus (BAOC) is open to US College and University students who build apps…