Been Camping Lately? Get resources from the HTML5 and Windows Phone 7 Developer Camps

Many of you have attended a HTML5 and JavaScript Web/Game Camps we’ve conducted in the East Region and/or are very interested in HTML5, JavaScript and the associated tools.   In addition, many of you may have attended one of the Windows Phone 7 Camps we’ve conducted up and down the East Coast as well.  Well this Post is for you!

As a presenter at some of these camps, most of you that have been in attendance noted to me that you were very interested in getting the Resources, PowerPoints, and/or Code Samples that we’ve presented.   Therefore, I collected many of the presentations and resources from the presenters and provided them below. 

Windows Phone Camp Resources:

SkyDrive with Presentation Resources:   
phone_tentWindows Phone SkyDrive folder shareWP7 logo symbol

More Windows Phone Code Samples from my Blog:    
My Blog with Windows Phone Code Sample Links

MSDN Windows Phone Code Samples:


HTML5 Camp Resources:

SkyDrive with Presentation Resources: html5_Logo
web_tentHTML5 SkyDrive folder share

More HTML5/JavaScript Samples from teammate, Rachel Appel:

HTML5/JavaScript links from teammate, Chris Bowen:

What about you guys that missed the camps all together?  Well have no fear, if you are interested in HTML5 and JavaScript, Lindsay Lindstrom ( and I are doing a Webcast Series on HTML5 that you can attend live or view the recordings on-demand.  See schedule below:

MSDN Webcast: A Lap Around HTML5: Meet the Players (Level 200) – December 13th

MSDN Webcast: A Lap Around HTML5: Adding Fun(ctionality) and Style with JavaScript and CSS3 (Level 200) – December 15th

MSDN Webcast:A Lap Around HTML5: HTML5 Graphics (Level 200) – December 20th

MSDN Webcast: A Lap Around HTML5: Bringing it Together - Creating an HTML5 Game (Level 200) – December 22nd

I hope you all enjoy getting deeper into HTML5 and Windows Phone 7, and as much as we as speakers enjoyed participating in the Camps, as well as, checking out the cool apps created at the Hackathons conducted at each camp.   



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