Calling All Windows Phone Student Developers: Get Started Building your WP7 Apps & Games and WIN BIG

For those of you interested in building an Windows Phone app or putting the finishing touches on your Windows Phone applications  Let me offer a little assistance so you can make a SPLASH and become the Big App on Campus and Win some COOL PRIZES.  Check out my blog for more details on the contest.

I am providing a LOT of Windows Phone Resources below, but I have outlined them in such a way that you should be able to pick and choose what resources are best needed to assist in completing your first app or apps. 

As always if you want to have a Windows Phone 7 appLab (Hands-On Windows Phone Coding & Learning Session) on YOUR Campus.

  Email me directly to get it started.

   WARNING…this is rather LONG, but if you are build a Windows Phone app or Game these resources are Worth IT! 

Windows Phone 7 Resources – Getting Started:

Code Samples for Common Tasks:

Panorama/Pivot View Sample:

Location Service/GPS Sample:

Use Sensor Data Sample (Accelerometer/Gyroscope/Compass:

Process and Use RSS Feeds in Win Phone:

Isolated Storage (3 Scenarios):

Local Database App w/MVVM for Win Phone:

AD Control Sample: For those students who want to make money on their Phone app via including advertising in their apps:

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