Visual Studio and TFS 2008 Compatibility with Earlier VS/TFS Versions

As most people are aware we released VS and TFS 2008 some months ago, but what seems to be a question that most people are asking is about compatibility.  Well our MVP Grant Holiday and VSTS Product Group GURU Brian Harry has posted the most clear and informative I can find on the subject:

The chart below from Grant Holiday’s site..provides a good view of what compatibility looks like between all of the VS/TFS products and Power tools.  Check out the rest of the information on this on his blog: 

For the roadmap of compatibility and quite frankly to hear the VSTS information from the horse’s mouth so to speak, check out BHarrry’s blog on TFS Features at:

Products VS 2005 VS 2008 TFS 2005 TFS 2008 Build 2005 Build 2008 TE 2005 TE 2008 Web Access Power Tools VS Addins
VS 2005 Yes. Note #1 Yes Yes. Note #2, #3 Yes. V8.0 SLN files build. Yes. Note #2, #3 Yes Yes. Note #1 Yes Yes Yes
VS 2008 Yes. Note #4, #5 Yes Yes. Note #5, #6 Yes Yes. Note #1 Yes No. Note #7 Partial. Note #8, #9 Partial. Note #8
TFS 2005 N/A Yes No Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A
TFS 2008 No Yes Yes Yes Yes. Note #7 N/A N/A
Build 2005 N/A Yes Yes. Note #5 Yes N/A N/A
Build 2008 Yes. Note #2, #3 Yes Yes N/A N/A
TE 2005 Yes. Note #1 Yes Yes Yes
TE 2008 No. Note #7 Partial. Note #8, #9 Partial. Note #8
Web Access N/A N/A
Power Tools N/A
VS Addins


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