Few tips on implementing a Coded UI Test Plugin Extension

This blog assumes that you have a prior understanding of Coded UI Test extensibility. If not, a good starting point would be here. Also check out additional links in the “Extending Coded UI Test” section available here. In this post, I’ll enumerate a few points you would need to watch out for while implementing an…


Significance of Window Titles in Coded UI Test Playback

The control search in Coded UI Test playback is essentially a breadth first search. For extension plugins that have in-built search capability, the plugin writer can implement its own search logic. What typically remains the same is the way the search is done for the top level window of the application. Consider a top level…


Guidelines on improving performance of Coded UI Test playback

In this blog post I’ll go through some approaches you can make use of in your Coded UI Test project to achieve better playback performance. Meanwhile, do check an earlier post here that covers some common scenarios.  As I see, there are lot of APIs and settings available that the Coded UI Test user can leverage…


Verifying WPF data bound item controls in Coded UI Test recording context

Coded UI Test relies on unique identification properties of controls to form a resilient search condition during recording. In WPF you can data bind properties of a control and its children collection of ItemsControl such as ListBox, ComboBox, DataGrid, TreeView, etc. An earlier post here describes the problem in more detail. Coded UI Test makes a…


Troubleshooting Record and Playback issues in Coded UI Test

We have been receiving numerous queries related to record and playback in Coded UI Test. In most of the scenarios, some additional information is sought after to debug and nail the issue. In this post, I will enumerate some basic validations that you (as a Coded UI Test user) can attempt to troubleshoot the problem….


Test Automation for Silverlight DataGrid in Coded UI Test

In this post, I will try to summarize some of the key areas around Coded UI Test automation on Silverlight DataGrid control.  The content is targeted for QA engineers writing Coded UI Test automation, who I hope will find it useful to  troubleshoot any issues they might come across while automating Silverlight DataGrid, as well…


Accessing some "unreachable" WPF controls in Coded UI Test

Recently we got some feedback from a customer that they are not able to access some control inside a datagrid cell. Basically they wanted to do some validation on this control’s properties. Coded UI Test uses the UIAutomation’s ControlView TreeWalker to do all UI tree navigation. Hence, if a control is not present in the ControlView,…


Decoding the Coded UI Test playback failure – "Search may have failed at ControlX as it may have virtualized children …"

While automating WPF controls in Coded UI Test, the playback would sometimes through an exception with the following error message: “Search may have failed at <ControlX> as it may have virtualized children. If the control being searched is descendant of <ControlX> then including it as the parent container may solve the problem.”   In this…