March Madness On Demand: Watching the Final, in Japan

今日は、気分的に英語で (笑)
簡単にまとめると、個人的に WBC には全く興味がなかったのですが (野球に興味がないだけです)、今アメリカでは (リアルタイムで) 大学バスケット ボールのトーナメント決勝戦が Silverlight のフィードで On Demand で観れるんです。




Who would have thought, that I’d be working in Japan and being able to watch the NCAA Men’s Basketball Finals, REAL TIME?
Okay, okay, so it’s not too far fetched as an idea. And I’m extremely pleased that I am able to watch the Michigan State vs. UNC finals, on the 30th anniversary of the legendary Magic (MSU) vs. Bird (ISU) finals.


The part that is the BEST, though… is that I can watch all of this, HIGH QUALITY.
In some of the other games (Cal, UCLA, Wisconsin) I watched the game in High Quality, connected to my 50’ Viera, and it was CRISP!
Literally like watching the game, live, on TV.
And I can go back and watch those games, too!


This, folks, is Silverlight.
Imagine the possibilities…

And this, definitely, is something that won’t get lost in translation. :p


Funny, people here were going nuts during the WBC, when Japan did a repeat win.
Turns out, baseball doesn’t really interest me. ( ^^)

College sports, on the other hand… TRY AND STOP ME.