Technet Radio SharePoint BCS Throttling

I did a radio show last month with SharePoint Product Manager Bill Baer which went live yesterday. We talked about how BCS throtlling is different from large list throttling and what things one should be careful about. You can get the podcast at below given link. Hope you enjoy the show.


Accessing BLOB Data from External Systems Using Business Connectivity Services

Ok guys, this is a new feature which I came across while exploring BCS. BCS now supports getting BLOBs into SharePoint and provide many features which help in pulling and streaming BLOB’s out to end user. The work which I did on this has been published as a whitepaper courtsey to some folks in Redmond. Here is…


Connecting to Oracle using BCS

While browsing through BCS documentation came across this section on how to design models for connecting to Oracle. What is the support in tools to design and how to do it. Hope you will find it useful


Business Connectivity Services Client Object Model Calls

I’m writing this post as lot of people seem to have some misunderstanding how the BCS Client Object Model works. BCS client object model is different from SharePoint Client Object Model. It comes as a part of Office Professional Pro SKU and contains classes which help to consume/update data from External System using Office Clients….


BCS metadata model is case sensitive

As always whenever I find something which is small but useful, I do end up blogging about it. Yesterday, I had a strange issue with my BCS metadata model. I created an IdEnumerator against AdventureWorks database and written a query to get SalesOrders using SQL. Everything looked ok but when I was crawling the content,…


BCS Client Functionality in Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

Yesterday I was re-creating my farm and ran into an interesting issue with BCS client functionality. I was deploying Microsoft Office and used Professional version of the build. I have an Excel Add-In project which was working fine before I redeployed Office. The VS solution complained about missing BCS client OM dll’s. I went to…


Provision an External List using feature (BCS)

Eric shared the xml schema to provision an external list using features. I believe everyone will find it useful so sharing it.            <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>             <Elements xmlns=””>               <ListInstance Title=”title of list”                             OnQuickLaunch=”TRUE”                             TemplateType=”104″                             FeatureId=”SharePointFeatureId”                             Url=”lists/Url”                             Description=”Description”>                 <DataSource>                   <Property Name=”LobSystemInstance” Value=”LobSystemInstance” />                   <Property Name=”EntityNamespace” Value=”EntityNamespace” />                   <Property Name=”Entity” Value=”EntityName” />                   <Property Name=”SpecificFinder”…


Client SSO in BCS

As all of you guys must have seen by now that BCS let’s you use BCS OM from client Office applications like Outlook/SharePoint Workspace etc. One interesting scenario which comes up is how things will behave when external system will be accessed using SSO( or SSS in SharePoint2010) service. I am sharing my findings based…


Consuming External data using SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services(BCS) and Office Excel 2010 Add-In

In this walkthrough you will learn how to use Sharepoint Server 2010 Business Connectivity Services(BCS) feature to access external business data using Microsoft Excel 2010 as a client. This simple step-by-step will help you understand how to setup a BCS External list and then interact with it using browser or new OM available via Office…