Technet Radio SharePoint BCS Throttling

I did a radio show last month with SharePoint Product Manager Bill Baer which went live yesterday. We talked about how BCS throtlling is different from large list throttling and what things one should be careful about. You can get the podcast at below given link. Hope you enjoy the show.


Import-SPMetadatawebservicePartitionData and BULK LOAD Problem

Today I was doing some research and troubleshooting issue while using Content Deployment used with Managed Metadata Service(MMS). I was moving MMS Term Store from Author to Production Farm using the Windows PowerShell command Import-SPMetadatawebservicePartitionData. This commands takes the export file generated by using Import-SPMetadatawebservicePartitionData and imports the term sets in the target MMS. The…


Issues with SharePoint 2010 Central Administration running on SSL

I configured my Farm with Central Administration running on SSL port 443. There are couple of issues I have run into with this configuration and want to share with community. My SP build version is 14.0.4762.1000. Problem while running User Profile Import Job – This was the first issue I ran into and had to…


Using SharePoint Tagging features with Content Deployment deployed production sites

In this scenario we will evaluate implementing tags and note boards on a site which is target of content deployment, i.e. where content is deployed by content deployment job. Problem Statement Many organizations have requirement to implement publishing environment such that production site is not edited by the end user. They want to implement staging-production…


Searching External Systems using SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services (BCS) within throttling limits

Searching External Systems using SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services (BCS) within throttling limits Summary: Learn how to use SharePoint Server 2010 Business Connectivity Services (BCS) feature to search content in external system when the number of records in system are more than throttling limits defined for the system. Introduction Searching external systems with large number…


Accessing BLOB Data from External Systems Using Business Connectivity Services

Ok guys, this is a new feature which I came across while exploring BCS. BCS now supports getting BLOBs into SharePoint and provide many features which help in pulling and streaming BLOB’s out to end user. The work which I did on this has been published as a whitepaper courtsey to some folks in Redmond. Here is…


Connecting to Oracle using BCS

While browsing through BCS documentation came across this section on how to design models for connecting to Oracle. What is the support in tools to design and how to do it. Hope you will find it useful


Business Connectivity Services Client Object Model Calls

I’m writing this post as lot of people seem to have some misunderstanding how the BCS Client Object Model works. BCS client object model is different from SharePoint Client Object Model. It comes as a part of Office Professional Pro SKU and contains classes which help to consume/update data from External System using Office Clients….


List Type Id for External list

If you are creating and external list via code or CAML and need the type id( the Int32 value for list types) , then the Id for External List is 600. This corresponds to value used by SPListTemplateType Enumerations. For values of all list types, refer: