Error Synching BCS External list to Outlook or WorkSpace

“The server must be running MOSS2010 to synchronize external list with SharePoint workspace”     I have faced this issue both in Escrow and Beta builds so thought to share it with others to make it easier. If you get the error message or having issues while synching your external list to client tools like WorkSpace…


Provision an External List using feature (BCS)

Eric shared the xml schema to provision an external list using features. I believe everyone will find it useful so sharing it.            <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8“?>             <Elements xmlns=““>               <ListInstance Title=“title of list“                             OnQuickLaunch=“TRUE“                             TemplateType=“104“                             FeatureId=“SharePointFeatureId“                             Url=“lists/Url“                             Description=“Description“>                 <DataSource>                   <Property Name=“LobSystemInstance“ Value=“LobSystemInstance“ />                   <Property Name=“EntityNamespace“ Value=“EntityNamespace“ />                   <Property Name=“Entity“ Value=“EntityName“ />                   <Property Name=“SpecificFinder“…


Client SSO in BCS

As all of you guys must have seen by now that BCS let’s you use BCS OM from client Office applications like Outlook/SharePoint Workspace etc. One interesting scenario which comes up is how things will behave when external system will be accessed using SSO( or SSS in SharePoint2010) service. I am sharing my findings based…


Dynamically changing master pages in SharePoint Server 2007

Summary: Learn how to dynamically change master pages in a SharePoint publishing site on the fly. Introduction to Master Pages in SharePoint Server 2007 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides flexible support for publishing sites and features for creating master pages, content types and content pages using object model and declarative syntax. Many organizations require…


Consuming External data using SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services(BCS) and Office Excel 2010 Add-In

In this walkthrough you will learn how to use Sharepoint Server 2010 Business Connectivity Services(BCS) feature to access external business data using Microsoft Excel 2010 as a client. This simple step-by-step will help you understand how to setup a BCS External list and then interact with it using browser or new OM available via Office…


SharePoint 2010 Introduced at SPC09

The most exciting release in SharePoint history has been introduced to the general community at SharePoint Conference 2009. The product has host of new features around scalability, maintainability, social and all and all a great enterprise product. Sneak peak vidoes give good overview about the investments in Developer and Infrastructure space. There are many features…


Introducing SharePoint 2010

Come monday and the biggest SharePoint mela is going to start in Vegas on Oct19th, the SharePoint Conference 2009. Keynote will be delivered by Steve Ballmer and one of the best releases in SharePoint history will be introduced to the general community. I have seen some feature bits and the sneak peak videos and found…


SharePoint 2010 Ignite Training for Partners

If you are interested in kick starting and be ahead of the curve then do attend the Ignite training happening in Banglore, India in Dec 2009. Its a deep dive into the new version of the product and some of the best instructors will be presenting. There are two tracks, one for IT Pros and…


Getting the SharePoint MCM Certification

Couple of days back program manager for SharePoint MCM did a post on master blog about new Masters. It’s good to see myself in that elite list of true SharePoint experts. It was a great experience attending the program which helped me know what challenges the product has and many things which I was not…


Problem mapping user profile properties

One of my colleague pinged me with a strange problem he was encountering in user profile property mapping. He wasn’t able to add or edit user profile property import mappings because the ‘Data source field to map’ drop down and the ‘Enter field to map’ text box were missing from the ‘User Profile Property’ page in SSP….