SharePoint 2010 Social Computing Setup

I am a lazy writer and always try to share something which I find when learning new stuff as small posts. Recently, I was trying to setup Social Computing feature in SharePoint and was having trouble seeing the status updates from other people on My Network under My Sites. I tried to run the Activity Feed job manually without any success. With little help from a member on Social team I came to know about somethings you should check. Here are two thing which you should check if feeds are not coming up in your My Sites

  1. The person whose feed you want to see should be added as your colleague else the feeds will not show up. Also, the Activity Feed job should run before the new updates start shoing up

  2. If the updates have a url as part of the text/body, then you need to setup the search and do the crawl before you can see such updates. Social uses search to find out the permissions on url's and search query is used to ensure if the viewer has access to see those url's. If they don't have access then it doesn't show up in search results.

I hope everyone will find this useful while setting up Social features.

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