Extending Stsadm Command

  While going through the WSS v3 Object Model, I came across an important interface ISPStsAdmCommand. Initially, I wasn’t able to find any documentation as product is about to RTM and doc is not complete. After some  research and thankfully to an excellent post by Tony Bierman at http://sharepointsolutions.blogspot.com/2006/09/extending-stsadmexe-with-custom.html, got lot of information about this Interface. I…


SharePoint Designer doesn’t change Site Setting Page

Pages in the _layouts directory are not affected by changes done to Master Pages using SharePoint Designer. Sharepoint runtime always pick up things from _layouts directory for url’s pointing to “_layouts” directory . 1. Try changing the background color for master page for your site using SharePoint Designer. 2. Go to site main Default.aspx. You will see…


.Net Framework 3.0 RC1 out[includes WF RC5]

After a long wait finally .NET Framework RC1 is out. What it means is the release of Worlflow Foundation RC5 bits coming out. This release also provides option for redone go-live licenses for RC5 from Microsoft. Customers who are really fascinated by WF and want to go live before actual RTM can really look forward…


Sharepint Discussion webpart-Can we do it better

Recently I am doing a sharepoint implementation for my client. Had a requrement to implement custom webpart that offers more functionality, something like aspnet forums. The out of the box implementation did not meet our requirements. Trying to write a bare bones discussion webpart. Hope to come out with something useful. Keep Checking