Tag in Action: A great video demonstrating Tag functions

In this video Project Manager Brent Ingraham showcases different scenario in which Microsoft Tag can be used.There are so many creative potentials with Tag! How are you using Tag? What industry are you using Tag for?


Microsoft Tag Interview on Channel10

Channel 10 has just released a new video about Microsoft Tag where we shared several different scenarios. Check it out! Hands On With Microsoft TAG – Barcode 2.0 Please give us your feedbacks through the comment, Twitter or Facebook!

20 sec to create your own Microsoft Tag

Video: Microsoft Tag – 20 sec to create your own Tag20 secondes to create your own Microsoft Tag! I’m sure some of you did it in less than 10 sec. I should train more…

Microsoft Tag Podcast by Sam and Michael

Video: Halo Wars – Mobility – and Tag It We’ve just found this podcast made by Michael and his son Sam on his blog: Video: Halo Wars, Mobility, And Tag It! Through this video, Michael shares a great anecdote about Microsoft Tag and his son. Worth to have a look 🙂 If you did a…