Microsoft Tag Reader update now available for Windows Mobile

We have just released an update to Microsoft Tag Reader for Windows Mobile users. The update improves the experience for Windows Mobile touch screen devices as well as lengthens the legacy support for phones as early as the original Blackjack running Windows Mobile 5.  As you know, we’re always improving the function and capability of…


Differences between Microsoft Tag and QR Code

If you’ve been keeping up with Microsoft Tag in the news, I’m sure that by now you’ve seen Tag compared to QR codes—a common mobile barcoding technology that has been in use widely in various applications for a while now.  While the basic idea is the same—a printed 2D code that you can snap with…

Dorm Room Tag

I thought this was a very interesting use of Tag. When I was in university we would have white boards on ourdorm room doors. Giving students the ability to let others know where we are. A clever member of our community has decided to replace the white board with Tags. As you can see above…


We the Kings & Microsoft Tag: Get Exclusive Content and Enter to Win Tickets!

  We’re so excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with We the Kings to create an official We the Kings tag.We have made two unique tags, one online and one that you can find at shows (stickers). By snapping the online tag you can enter to win tickets to your choice Take Action tour…


Mazda & Tag

  One of our team members received a Mazda flyer in snail mail, and guess what, inside was a Tag!Grab your mobile and snap the image above! You will see that it takes users to the upcoming Mazda vehicles. This is a great way to grab consumers attention and show off new products!