Stride Gum Mystery Tag Packs!

Have you seen this Stride Mega Mystery pack? Are you wondering what the big mystery is?

Inside these special gum packs are a Microsoft Tag. Consumers are able to scan the Tag with their mobile phone
and are taken to the Stride Mega Mystery Page, where they can register to unveil a mystery offer.
Want to know what the mystery is? Go buy a pack and find out!

This is the first time we have seen a Microsoft Tag inside a pack of gum.
We have seen Tag in magazines, posters, badges, business cards and more.

More and more companies are starting to show interest in using Tag for contest and other promotions.

Stride is able to see how successful their campaign is by looking at the analytics we offer in the Tag backend.
Every Tag that anyone creates is able to see the statistics. You can see how many scans a Tag has had on any specific day.

Would you like to do something similar to Stride?  You can make a Tag for yourself, company , events and much more!

Go to  and sign up for an account

It takes minutes to get your first Tag going and it's completely free!


Comments (2)

  1. j2.o says:

    this is so awesome i hope i get something like a labtop or a phone

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