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As a passionate water sport guy J, I'm glad to share that Wakeboarding Magazine is using Microsoft Tag on the cover of the April issue. By using Microsoft Tag, subscribers get access to some exclusive wakeboarding content with a quick snap on the Tag from wherever they could be: a train, coffee shop…

Jason Bingham, Associate Publisher for Wakeboarding Magazine takes time to reply to our questions:

Who are you? Can you introduce yourself?

Jason Bingham

Associate Publisher

Wakeboarding Magazine

Introduce your Mag?

Our tagline is "the worldwide leader in wake"

We were the first print publication for and about wakeboarding and have the largest readership and widest reach of any wake publication, worldwide.

How did you discover Microsoft Tag?

Article on Mashable.com

Why did you decide to use Microsoft Tag on your mag?

I was able to set up a free account and test it really easily. I also like the ability to embed photos/graphics behind the Tag.

What is behind the Wakeboarding Mag cover Tag?

A video of the pro wakeboarder that is featured on our April issue's cover.

The video was shot specifically for use with the Tag and can only be seen by using the Tag.

What's next with Tag?

We are currently laying out our May issue and are incorporating Tag into more of the editorial as well as opening it up to advertisers to feature in their ads.

Something to add about Microsoft Tag?

Truly see this technology as a simple and convenient "bridge" between print and digital content for consumers. I'm envisioning it working well for inclusion in content delivered via print but also am going to be putting one with a vcard link on the back of my business card, am recommending to clients that they put them on boxes and hang tags with product at retail and can see event applications as well.

If you have Microsoft Tag stories to share, please feel free to contact us via our Twitter account or our Facebook Fan Page.

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