Microsoft Surface & Microsoft Tag : Two Worlds Collide


Above is a very facinating video showcasing Microsoft Tag being used with Microsoft Surface.

A person can use their mobile device and "snap" a Tag for a certain product or game.
After they have done so they can go to the Microsoft Surface and actually snap another Tag, sharing the information from the previous Tag.

 In the demo we can see that the Microsoft Frogz have "snapped" a game off of a wall. Once they complete this action they return to the Microsoft Surface table in another room.

They then snap the Tag on the Microsoft Surface and voila! The game appears on the display!

 This would be great for any type of store. If the consumer wants to know more about a certain product they can "snap" the product Tag. Once they have done so
they can go to a special kiosk and "snap" another Tag. Now the consumer has more information about the product.

 What do you think? Have any ideas like this? Inspired? Let us know!



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