Tag at Conferenes

  Many of us are always at conferences and meeting new people. Tag is a great way to share contact information during events like this. Above you can see that at Microsoft MVP day in India, badges had tags printed on them. This not only an a very efficient way of logging contact information, it…


Luna TagGen for Mobile

  Luna Development has come up with another great way to use Tags. With their new LunaTagGen users are easily able to create unique tags right off their mobile phone!  As you can see this is a much more secure way to share contact information. It’s quick and it’s easy! Give it a try! http://www.lunadevelopment.com/lunataggen_for_mobile.aspx…


Initiate a SMS containing the link to download the Tag Reader in five new markets

  The latest distribution enhancement for the Tag Reader is now live.  Consumers can initiate a SMS containing the link to download the Tag Reader in five new markets; Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey and the United Kingdom.   Check it out:  http://www.microsoft.com/tag/content/download/


Mazda & Tag

  One of our team members received a Mazda flyer in snail mail, and guess what, inside was a Tag!Grab your mobile and snap the image above! You will see that it takes users to the upcoming Mazda vehicles. This is a great way to grab consumers attention and show off new products!    


Trident Tag

Above is a great ad that Trident gum has put out. As you can see they have placed a custom Tag in the lower left region of the ad. This takes any user who “snaps” the tag with their tag reader to the Trident Gum Twitter Feed. In my opinion this is shows how “with…


Happy Birthday Microsoft Tag!

 Happy Birthday to Microsoft Tag who is One Years Old Today! Last year Microsoft Tag was announced at CES. It’s been quite the year for us.Magazines, Movies, Musicians and more have had great experiences using Tag! Let’s take a look at some cool uses of Tag over the last year: January 2009 Winter X Games…


Luna Mobile Snapp

  Luna Development has created a very cool system using Microsoft Tag. This system is call Luna Mobile Snapp. If you read above it pretty much uses Microsoft Tag as a gateway to easily download applications and games to a mobile phone. This idea can be applied to any asset that can be downloaded to…


Mass Effect 2 Posters Using Tag

   Right now in San Francisco there are many different versions of the new Mass Effect 2 game poster around town. You can see the different versions here. What’s so great about these giant posters is that they have a Microsoft Tag printed on them.When a user scans the Tag, they are taken to a…