Pagine Si is now using Microsoft Tag in their directories



We are very excited to announce that Pagine Si has implemented Microsoft Tag in their phone books.
They serve over 55 different cities with a total distribution of 6 million directories.

Here is a shot of the front cover of one of their directories

Below you can see how this company has their own tag

The coolest thing in my opinion is that they have important numbers such as police, fire, ambulance and more. When
a user scans this tag they are taken to a mobile page. With the simple click of a button they are able to call anyone listed on this page!

Comments (1)

  1. Noni Pickup says:

    I have this tag put onto my computer. when i try to delete it, it multiplies into twenty tags.  any reason i may have it or do you know how to delete it?   Noni.

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