The first scientific journal in the world to use TAG!

Istanbul University
Journal of the School of Business are now using Microsoft Tag's 

in their scientific Journals. The image shown above showcases the front copy of the journal. The tag when
snapped takes you to the Universities website.

This is what they had to say about using tag:

As editors of Istanbul University Journal of the School of Business Administration we
strongly believe that this technology will lead to many
improvements in different areas of the life. We think
that  this is the first step of new information flow, share, acquire

This technology
will  force managers, marketers, scientists, security officers, and others
to use different types of tools for making their business more effective and
efficient. This technology has potential to be used in many areas such as
Medicine, Security, Logistics, Education, Marketing, Research,  etc…With
the advent of new technologies it will be possible to acquire and to execute
some form of codes hidden in this tags.


Why we use this
this tag technology;

First reason, we
want to increase awareness of this tag technology in academical life. To
encourage researchers for finding new ways of integrating this tag tech into
our lives.


Below is a page within the journal - when the tag is snapped you are taken to the mobile version of the

This is a great way to use tag in an educational environment.

 You can see the actual documents here:

1- Cover

2- Document


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