Microsoft Tag & Avatar

I was scrolling through the Microsoft Advertising Blog and was excited to find out that they were using Microsoft Tag for their Avatar Campaign!e Click here to see the post “By teaming up with the folks at  Microsoft Tag, our digital specialists were able to “unlock the world of Avatar” on all our mobile phones….


Unique ways to reach an extended audience using Tag.

I was pointed to this great video by Warbasse Design out of California.They demonstrate a great way to use tag on coffee cups as an access point to live streaming video.In this case they stress how this can be effective for TV stations to extend their audiences and create viral campaigns. In the video they…


How Store/Restaurant Owners Can Use Tag

Check out this quick video on how store/restaurant owners can use Tag. In this video we see how a customer can quickly scan a tag that is placed outside the venue. Once the Tag is scanned we can see the daily specials for the venue.  This is a great way to share information such as…


Tag being used in Canada!

It’s very exciting to see that in Canada Microsoft Tag is being used in conjunction with Yorkville’s Finest.Yorkville is an area in downtown Toronto that has great shopping!  If you are in town you can see that many shop owner have a Microsoft Tag in their front windows! This is a great way to offer…


Pagine Si is now using Microsoft Tag in their directories

    We are very excited to announce that Pagine Si has implemented Microsoft Tag in their phone books.They serve over 55 different cities with a total distribution of 6 million directories. Here is a shot of the front cover of one of their directories Below you can see how this company has their own…


Tag & Small Businesses

Mobile is the buzzword these days, and businesses everywhere are starting to use Tag connect with their customers.   Partners like GVB in Amsterdam are using Tag as to let their public transportation customers know about arrival and departure times for trams and buses.  Over at Conde Nast, you’ll find Tag woven throughout the editorial features…


Why Tag?

Microsoft Tag is a fairly new technology that has many benefits over older similar technologies. What technologies am I talking about? Well QR codes. I found it interesting this morning that Google came out with a campaign giving 190,000 small businesses the opportunity to have a QR code in their shop window. Read Article Here:…


Microsoft Tag & The Hospitality Industry

This week I had the privilege of meeting up with Jeffrey Kingman, who is an expert in thehospitality industry. He focuses much of his time on social media and new technologies that can help improve these types of businesses. He has some great thoughts on how this industry can use Microsoft Tag. His blog:…


The first scientific journal in the world to use TAG!

The Istanbul University Journal of the School of Business are now using Microsoft Tag’s in their scientific Journals. The image shown above showcases the front copy of the journal. The tag whensnapped takes you to the Universities website. This is what they had to say about using tag: As editors of Istanbul University Journal of the…