Tag, Bing & The New York Times

Today Dow
posted an article claiming that “this year may
go down as the period that shopping by mobile phone during the holidays came
into its own.” The piece goes on to discuss how
Black Friday saw an unprecedented
use of mobile phones by consumers to “zero in on and make purchases.” According
to PayPal, mobile online payments through their service on Friday surged nearly
650% from last year.

marketers are betting that this shopping-via-mobile trend sees a boost today on
what is now referred to as “
,” the
busiest day of the year for retail electronic commerce.


how do you make it as easy as possible for customers to connect with your brand
on their mobile phones?


Microsoft, we’re using
Microsoft Tag in a pair of Bing ads running in today’s “Cyber
Monday” edition of the New York Times. Readers simply snap the Tag image below
with their mobile phone and they are immediately connected with Bing –
typing, looking up URLs, texting codes or browser launching.


let you know how it goes …




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