Tag Talk Episode 3 – 10 Creative Ways to use Microsoft Tag

To start off Tag Talk Week 3 Nadia and I went out on the town to find some cool ways to use Microsoft Tag. Here’s the list of ideas that we came up with that make it easy for you to link the real world to the digital world.


1. Use Microsoft Tag on a menu so customers can snap the tag to learn the Chef’s Recommendations or find out what the daily special is.

2. Place a Tag on coffee cup or other disposable products that people buy daily. Place a coupon behind the Tag so patrons can receive an instant ‘coffee break’.

3. Put a Tag on posters so people can go to your website with more information or have an informational video behind the Tag.

4. Directions! How nice would it be if you were in a mall, resort or a major corporate facility where you could snap a Tag and it gave you directions to your next destination?

5. Everyone likes movies, so make it easy for people walking by a billboard or a movie poster to find movie times and a trailer to show their friends. Put a Tag on it to help people find the movie.

6. Location, location, location…right? Allow people to interact with their surroundings by placing Tags so they can learn about the art, history, or culture of a specific place.

7. Save a tree! Ever walk up to an information booth with tons pamphlets and flyers? These could be replaced with Microsoft Tags instead allowing people to snap the tag and allow them to take the information with them without wasting paper.

8. How many times do you see a plaque or a bench dedicated to someone? Use a small Tag to allow onlookers to snap the tag to learn more about who the person was.

9. V-cards – Microsoft Tag is a great way to let people grab your personal information without having to write it down.

10.Use it at a party – yeah it might sound a little corny however, it’s a great conversation starter if you put a funny video behind each Tag.

I hope you enjoy the new video and if you have some feedback or suggestions let me know. If you have some ideas of your own on how people can use Microsoft Tag leave a comment with your thoughts.

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