Microsoft Tag at the Gizmodo Gallery

Microsoft Tag has made it into a couple big events this week. In addition to being featured at Demo this week Gizmodo hosted a geeky gallery in Soho NYC where old and new tech gadgets are on display utilizing Microsoft Tags. Throughout the event Tags have been implemented on place cards next to each item on display—linking the print material to additional digital information. Some of the items in the geek gallery include the Beatles XBOX to the oldest mobile typewriter.

We were thrilled to attend a preview of the event—the Gizmodo Gallery 09 –on Tuesday in New York.  Gizmodo has approximately 70 gadgets and gizmos on display in a museum-like setting, ranging from a selection of vintage gadgets to a 3-pancakes-per-minute machine and never-before-seen cutting-edge technology. Below are some quick pics of the displays where Microsoft Tags are being used.


If your inner geek woke up and you want to see a pair of award-winning Thriller Headphones or peer into the Rosetta disk, then head over to the Gizmodo Gallery.   Download the Microsoft Tag app to your phone before you go and check it out!

Stay tuned because we’ll have some video of the event posted in the next couple of days. If you have any questions about the event or Microsoft Tag reach out to us on this blog or on Twitter.

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