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The fall of print is well noted but wrote a recent article explaining how Microsoft Tag and other 2D bar codes can help rescue print. They make a simple but great point in comparing the differences of print and online advertising.

“Part of the genius of the internet is the ability to click on a link on one page and to be instantly taken off to something else. It's one of the things that print hasn't been able to offer to date.”

With the release of Microsoft Tag consumers can now take a print articles or advertisements and “snap” a Tag to instantly be taken to something else on the web. Most importantly this kind of technology increases the ROI on traditional media because traditional media can be intertwined to new media through this technology.

One feature of Tag that the article didn’t fully cover is Microsoft Custom Tags.


Custom Tags allow companies and individuals to create a customized design that meets their needs. In addition Custom Tags we have an API available that opens another door of options.

Read through Printweek’s  article and for examples on how people are using Microsoft Tag in new ways look through our blog.

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