Tag in Amsterdam

A dull moment while waiting for the bus? Snap the Tag and be in the know!

In collaboration GVB, Sparked BV, and MINIbar started a pilot at the Central Station in Amsterdam to provide infotainment via a mobile phone. On tram and bus stops at the Station Square travelers with their mobile phone can snap a GVB Tag enabled by "Microsoft Tag". By snapping the Tag they receive free access to specific arrival and departure information, latest news on public transportation, a mobile movie series and art of the day. Three randomly selected people who snapped the Tag will win a €100 euro (about $140) credit to their transportation subscription.


GVB decided to explore this innovative form of communication due to the increasing use of mobile technology with both younger and older consumers who are utilizing public transportation in the Netherlands. GVB is exploring the possibilities and limitations of tagging to inform travelers and will decide on further roll out after the initial project concludes. Sparked and MINIbar helped to develop the solution for GVB.


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