2010 Ford Taurus and Microsoft Tag

Ford Mortor Co. just announced that the new 2010 Ford Taurus campaign will be using Microsoft Tag to allow consumers to simply point their smartphones toward the 2D bar code printed next to technology features in Taurus ads for more in-depth information.

This is an exciting opportunity for Microsoft Tag and it is great to see larger companies leveraging Microsoft Tag technology to engage their customers in new ways.

“Our business is still very much a retail business and when someone is at the point of purchase, providing more in-depth information is a great way to engage with the consumer,” said Lew Echlin, car marketing communications manager at Ford, Dearborn, MI. “Bar codes place consumers clicks away from information.

“The bar codes also help our other media efforts such as print and our catalogs,” he said. “We are able to get more out of our print ad our catalogs as the mobile aspect adds another dimension to it.

We’ll keep you posted once we can post some pictures and video of the integration of Microsoft Tag in this campaign. If you have any questions or thoughts let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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