Microsoft Tag API announcement

Microsoft Tag is a mobile application that enables users to link almost anything in the real world to more information or to an interactive experience on the mobile device. Microsoft Tag client software installed on the mobile device allows the owner to use the device’s camera to scan or take a picture of ("snap") a Tag barcode, then accesses the information associated with the Tag on the mobile device. Businesses can use Microsoft Tag to interact with their customers like never before, using physical media such as print catalogs or POS displays as the launching point. Tag owners create and manage Tags at the Microsoft Tag Web site,

The Microsoft Tag API allows anyone to create Tag from the web, the desktop, mobile devices.

By using the Microsoft Tag Web Services API, you can programmatically access many of the same operations used on the Microsoft Tag Web site. Using Visual Studio and the .NET Framework, you can write programs to create, modify, and otherwise manage Tags for your business — including bulk Tag creation and updates — without having to use the Microsoft Tag Web site interface.


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