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Hi all, we wanted to share a Forbes article which just posted by Elizabeth Woyke. In the article, Elizabeth details Microsoft’s upcoming initiative to incorporate Tag into Xbox video games.

“Promotion from Microsoft, one of the biggest technology companies in the world, could help. Starting this fall, the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant plans to incorporate bar codes into its Xbox videogames as part of a broad marketing initiative. "[Bar codes] enable advertisers to continue their conversations with consumers across any media [whether] posters, book covers, store displays or screens," says Mark Kroese, general manager of entertainment and devices advertising for Microsoft.”

Elizabeth continues with a brieft history of 2-D bar codes and then goes on to how Microsoft Custom Tags.

“This April, Microsoft fine-tuned the tag technology one more time, swapping the triangles for dots. The change enables tag creators to better customize the codes' appearance. Tags now resemble pointillist images instead of triangle-packed grids. (The tag technology is still technically in beta as Microsoft tweaks it based on usage data and customer feedback.)”

This article has some great points and if you would like to read the full article click here.

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