Smart Stamp

A little while ago we hosted the Tag Slaps Design Contest. The winner of the contest was Elliot Klein and for his idea was the design of the Smart Stamp. After the contest Elliot mentioned that he wanted to pursue the winning idea and hopefully create a business with it. Eliot just had the chance…


Microsoft Tag API announcement

Microsoft Tag is a mobile application that enables users to link almost anything in the real world to more information or to an interactive experience on the mobile device. Microsoft Tag client software installed on the mobile device allows the owner to use the device’s camera to scan or take a picture of ("snap") a…

Sharing an article

Hi all, we wanted to share a Forbes article which just posted by Elizabeth Woyke. In the article, Elizabeth details Microsoft’s upcoming initiative to incorporate Tag into Xbox video games. “Promotion from Microsoft, one of the biggest technology companies in the world, could help. Starting this fall, the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant plans to incorporate…


Tag Slaps Design Deep Zoom

With the Tag Slaps Design Contest wrapped up, Benjamin created a deep zoom project with all of the finalists. Click the picture below to take a deeper look into the final projects.