Quitting Never Felt So Good

Shoothill, previously featured in More Than Meets The Eye, created another great project with Microsoft Tag. The poster below is first in a series to help people stop smoking.


When the Microsoft Tag is snapped it drives the user to a web based form which captures their name and contact number. The relevant service calls the awaiting user back and makes arrangements for their specific needs. “We are particularly excited by this technology as it will provide a new way to engage the patients, and in particular will allow them to engage the service whilst the enthusiasm is still there – this is particularly important for smokers who want to quit whose motivation can change quickly.” stated John Uttley from Shoothill.


This is a fabulous idea and I honestly could see many different industries using Microsoft Tag in this manor. The ability for companies to leverage their print advertising in the online world can increase their overall ROI. If you or your company is using Microsoft Tag in unique ways please reach out and let us know. We’re always looking for quality stories to promote on this blog.

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