Procter & Gamble Turkey Utilizing Microsoft Tag

Just recently Microsoft Tag went international and today Procter & Gamble Turkey is launching an innovative contest, “Snap and Get Rid of Dandruff”, using Microsoft Tag technology. Throughout the month of June, mobile users in Turkey who snap the Head & Shoulders Tag will be directed to a contest page where they can enter to win special prizes. They can also connect to Head & Shoulders web site to learn more about hair and scalp care, read tips from hair care specialists, and find products best suited for their personal needs.


Head & Shoulders will be featuring Microsoft Tags in a variety of print and online venues starting in Today. Every 20th person entering their phone number will receive a 25 TL worth gift check in a technology store in Turkey. For every 30th person, he/she wins one month free mobile internet package. Moreover, everyone who snaps and enters the phone number will win call contours.

This contest is only open to mobile users in Turkey however, this is a great example how Microsoft Tag can be used in marketing/promotional efforts around the globe. Reach out if you have any questions on this blog or @ Twitter and/or Facebook.

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