Microsoft Tag Slaps Contest Update

It’s officially been a week since we’ve launched the Tag Slaps Design Contest and we wanted to share some of the great entries that are coming in. Here’s a quick clip if you prefer video over text.

The first two slaps that we received came from Donavon West and Elena Kosinskaya. Both custom Tags have unique style that demonstrates the versatility of Microsoft Tag and if you like ice cream you’re going to love Donavon’s submission.


Donavon created a fun custom Tag for an ice cream cone promotion. Snap the custom Tag and it will take you to a mobile site where you can grab the “secret word” and head off to one of the nearest Yum-Yum’s near you. Since there isn’t a Yum-Yum’s near me I would love it if someone would shoot a quick vid going to their local Yum-Yum’s to drop the secret word.

Next Elena submitted a custom tag that has a little different flavor.


Elena created a custom Tag with great artistic flare. Elena also mentions that It’s “not just a custom Tag. Look at the picture in abstracto and find hidden image”. Even though both of these custom Tags are very different from each another they show the different ways that a custom tag can be used.

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