Save The Critters! has created an eye catching campaign humanizing animals as lonely transients in urban settings. The purpose of this campaign: to draw much needed attention to decaying ecosystems around the world leaving animals homeless. This Toronto-based company painted their city with billboards with a little something special on them. They used Microsoft Tag to take their traditional marketing campaign one step further linking their efforts in real-life to the online world.


Being part of Holmes and Lee, is an altruistic endeavor assisting nonprofits to maximize funds so earnings are funneled directly to the causes. It’s great seeing Microsoft Tag being used in such a manner, and I can’t wait to see more charities and non-profits use Microsoft Tag to help increase awareness to their causes. Overall I’m excited to see an organization realizing the opportunity that Microsoft Tag offers to link the digital and real world.

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  1. steaveandrew says:

    Great initiative and nice campaign, we must save the Critters. It’s really great seeing Microsoft Tag being used in such a way, and I want to see some more charities to come forward and take some action regarding this. Keep doing good work like this. Thank you.

  2. Environmental group uses Microsoft Tag mobile barcodes to raise awareness

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