Take A Deeper Look At Microsoft Tag

Kris Athi, a former Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) collected pictures from around the world to create a MSP photochain using DeepZoom. With additional contributions from Aneet Singh Bawa, Ravichandran Raghaven and Christopher Maneu, the compilation of pictures included a Micrsoft Tag for each MSP’s picture allowing onlookers an opportunity to gain a deeper personal insight with each MSP. Take a look for yourself.


As you dive into the photochain it’s easy to notice that each new photo has a unique Microsoft Tag. With a Microsoft Tag on each picture, viewers can connect with a MSP through email, blogs, websites, and video. I am a little biased on this project since it’s built for Microsoft, but I do love the concept, and I can’t wait to see what other user generated ideas are developed with Microsoft Tag.

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