Set Sail With Tag

Microsoft Tag was designed to give people a new tool to view and use the internet in innovative ways. The Department of Computer Science of the University of Hull has grasped onto this idea and started to have some fun with it. During their “Mad March Bash” they created teams to go on a treasure hunt utilizing Microsoft Tag to lead the search. The winning team (below) was the first to divulge the secrets of the last clue. I wonder if they talked like this during their treasure hunt?


Rob Miles, a lecturer at the University of Hull, created a treasure hunt guide if you’re interested in trying a “Tag Hunt” of your own.

An example of one clue was

“His birthday is October the 7th. And he is not always nice.”

And the answer….


Keep an eye out; they’re going to be hosting "Everything Must Go, End of Session Bash" later this year, with all new questions. 

If you are using tag in creative ways, share your innovations with us using pictures, video, or just plain old text. We’re always looking to share the stories of inventive users taking Microsoft Tag to the next level.

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