Feature: Microsoft Tag Black and white!

Microsoft Tag Team announces Black and white Microsoft Tag. Microsoft Tag can meet the wide range of publishing demands from color package, black and white newspaper, to store shelf labeling. Microsoft Tag Reader seamlessly detects which color format is being scanned delivering the end user content in a flash. All existing Microsoft Tag Readers already have the ability to decode both color and black and white Microsoft Tags.

The black and white Microsoft Tag are larger than the color codes.  Color codes have 5 lines of 10 triangles or 50 triangles.  B&W has 7 lines of 14 triangles or 108 triangles.  B&W vs Color is just a rendering choice for the codes.  Every Tag will essentially have a color version and a B&W version.  And any “Microsoft Tag Publisher” can use the color one or the B&W one where they want. 

To create a B&W Microsoft Tag, go here.

Microsoft Tag - Black and White

Microsoft Tag supports multiple color formats to support the demanding needs of scenarios and media production.

More information here.

Create your Microsoft Tag for free now

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  1. See the human TAG at MIX. A unique application… Check out the new Black and White TAG Note the interesting

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