Figment of your imagination? No, Reimagining SharePoint development

Build apps for Office and SharePoint – from with the following topic areas ( Docs , Dashboard , Samples , Downloads , Training , Support)   First visit if interested should be to the Explore section – Introducing a new class of apps Wondering what apps can do? How do apps work, anyway?   Reimagining SharePoint Development – is what…


Ramp Up (No Evel Knievel suites required) – free online-learning for developers

Ramp Up ( is a free online learning program for developers. We’ve just launched a new track: SharePoint for Developers, Part 2. This track, along with the other currently offered ones (eg, Visual Studio 2008), teaches the important skills in a guided path, making the learning process easier and more efficient. The easy-to-access content (provided…


SharePoint Guidance – November 2008 update on Microsoft Downloads

Thinks SharePoint Guidance – November 2008 Brief Description This guidance helps architects and developers design, build, test, deploy, and upgrade SharePoint intranet applications. A reference implementation demonstrates solutions to common architectural, development, and application lifecycle management challenges. Links Download details: SharePoint Guidance – November 2008


WSS and MOSS Backup, Recovery and Disaster Recovery scenarios

Thinks There are many options available to you for backup, restore and DR of your WSS/MOSS Environment Nothing but a prayer too common of a scenario where best wishes and prayers are used to not need a backup SharePoint Designer Stsadm Utility – stsadm –o backup/restore, stsadm –o export/import Backup of the whole environment to…


Inside SharePoint: Building Your SharePoint Infrastructure

Thinks The trip is worth it for the figures alone. I find myself drawing this kind of things on pieces of paper when helping out customers and people that just ask me because I work with SharePoint. Hint, if you are planning to take the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists exams for SharePoint (4 of them),…


Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 Webcasts, Virtual Labs and PodCasts

All this and more from the site at Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007: SharePoint Server Architecture, SharePoint Server Authentication, Interopability, SharePoint Services Security, SharePoint Disaster Recovery, and more | SharePoint Server 2007 Webcasts Webcasts Tune in to these webcasts for demonstrations and in-depth question-and-answer sessions and learn how your organization can benefit from deploying SharePoint Server…