What GUID is that Feature in the Window?

Check out Robert’s post at http://www.thorprojects.com/blog/archive/2007/05/16/list-of-features-with-guids.aspx for a quick list of which GUID links to which feature within your MOSS Farm. In addition, StefanG has a tool on msdn (http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/WssAnalyzeFeatures) which will list out the guid and feature that you have installed on your site collection. Very helpful!


Better Together : Adding a custom column to Site Settings

Over on “Better Together”, a new blog by a fellow Microsoftie Will Feaser, he shares a quick and easy to implement method of adding customized links to the Central Administration, Site Settings. All with brackets and short little ~ and others in your elements.xml file. Be forewarned, make sure you backup your environment and have…


SharePoint – webparts

Check out the list and description of the great out of the box web parts that Ian Morrish has over at http://www.wssdemo.com/Pages/webparts.aspx This is more of a “favorites” blog entry for me to remember. SharePoint – webparts


SSRSIWSF – SQL Server Reporting Services Integration With SharePoint Fun

A few links that may help you out if you are battling the challenges that can occur in an implementation of SQL Server Reporting Services in SharePoint Integration Mode. Most focusing on SQL 2005 as that is the current challenge I am helping someone with. Reporting Services SharePoint Integration mode Installation Gotcha – TechBlog Microsoft…