Inside SharePoint: Building Your SharePoint Infrastructure

Thinks The trip is worth it for the figures alone. I find myself drawing this kind of things on pieces of paper when helping out customers and people that just ask me because I work with SharePoint. Hint, if you are planning to take the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists exams for SharePoint (4 of them),…


Excuse me, can you (re)direct me to the library?

Redirect Reference (IIS 6.0) Challenge is how to make this work within SharePoint (SPS 2003 and WSS v2) to be exact. Even if it doesn’t get there, this is an excellent resource to keep around that will assist you with WILDCARDS in your redirects at the IIS 6.0 level. Related Information For information about configuring…


Excellent Resources for Intranet Planning

  Prior to joining Microsoft I was a happy customer of the Intranet Roadmap that is available from Step Two Designs Home Page. I wanted to make sure that I took a brief moment to give it a Link with a Clink as a Good Clink. Check them out as part of planning your intranet….