IIS7: Moving the INETPUB directory to a different drive – Just Another IIS Blog : The Official Microsoft IIS Site

Anything with EI and EIO should be shared! Even if it is good old XCOPY flags. MOVING THE CONTENT: Once the configuration is changed you have to copy all content from your root drive to your new drive including ACLs and empty directories: Example:                     xcopy c:\inetpub f:\inetpub /E /O /I /E copies all directories…


Microsoft Web Platform

“Make Web, Not War” If you are interested in setting up a development environment for learning web development and have been a little overwhelmed with the options and steps to install the tools. Check out the Microsoft Web Platform site.   From the site, to wet you appetite. “ Overview The Web Platform Installer (Web…


LogParser and SharePoint (kinda like chocolate and peanut butter)

Thinks I came across a post on the IIS.net forums (http://forums.iis.net/p/1153101/1884922.aspx#1884922) that led to what looks to be a promising tool to add to your SharePoint toolbox.   From Gluegood Software “ LogParser.WSS30 – I recently published a Logparser COM input plug-in for Sharepoint Lists.  This allows for Logparser queries against Sharepoint lists, document libraries…


Inside SharePoint: Building Your SharePoint Infrastructure

Thinks The trip is worth it for the figures alone. I find myself drawing this kind of things on pieces of paper when helping out customers and people that just ask me because I work with SharePoint. Hint, if you are planning to take the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists exams for SharePoint (4 of them),…


Microsoft Product Team Blog Directory

I can not take credit for pulling this together, however, copy and paste can be a blogs best and worst tool. All of the information is publicly available. In summary, links to blogs of the various Microsoft product teams that will provide you insights, guidance, tricks, tips, and opinions about using Microsoft technologies and software….


Excuse me, can you (re)direct me to the library?

Redirect Reference (IIS 6.0) Challenge is how to make this work within SharePoint (SPS 2003 and WSS v2) to be exact. Even if it doesn’t get there, this is an excellent resource to keep around that will assist you with WILDCARDS in your redirects at the IIS 6.0 level. Related Information For information about configuring…


“What’s in your toolbox?"

Here is an ever growing list of tools that I use on a regular basis as a SharePoint dude. Not complete, however, are we ever? This will in no way be as complete as "THE TOOL LIST" but it is not meant to be. Thanks to Scott Hanselman for making my job easier over the…