Free Beer! oops, Free SharePoint Code Analysis Tool Available  has a post regarding SPCop, a Visual Studio Extension to analyze SharePoint code. Analyzes the following objects from SharePoint solutions (.wsp) for SharePoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 and SharePoint 2013 apps directly in Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013  Assemblies Memory disposal rules previously checked by SPDisposeCheck XML code in SharePoint packages Features Content Types List Templates  Controls Pages…


101 Coding Examples for SharePoint 2010 now available on MSDN

If you are new to developing SharePoint applications, or would like to have some examples available, head on over to and download the Sample Pack. “Each code sample is part of the SharePoint 2010 101 code samples project. These samples are provided so that you can incorporate them directly in your code. Each code…


Microsoft Office SharePoint Server | Developer Best Practices | Develop | tips, customization

Recently updated information for you and your developers from MSDN! Enjoy Find up-to-date guidance about how to write Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 applications and customizations that perform well, avoid common pitfalls, and best use the features of the SharePoint object model. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server | Developer Best Practices | Develop | tips, customization


Which WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007 site Template is right for me?

Another common question on which templates is the best for me? I like the blank one to start with, however, there are some “users” we have the pleasure of dissecting requirements from that I will make sure that I share this information with in the future. Even with some that are not in the “users”…


Ramp Up (No Evel Knievel suites required) – free online-learning for developers

Ramp Up ( is a free online learning program for developers. We’ve just launched a new track: SharePoint for Developers, Part 2. This track, along with the other currently offered ones (eg, Visual Studio 2008), teaches the important skills in a guided path, making the learning process easier and more efficient. The easy-to-access content (provided…


UPDATED : Best Practices: Common Coding Issues When Using the SharePoint Object Model

One of the main resources to visit when developing applications for SharePoint was updated this month (Feb 2009). Go update your favorites and read away. “ Conclusion To ensure that your SharePoint system performs at its best, you need to be able to answer the following questions about the code you write: Does my code…


Microsoft Web Platform

“Make Web, Not War” If you are interested in setting up a development environment for learning web development and have been a little overwhelmed with the options and steps to install the tools. Check out the Microsoft Web Platform site.   From the site, to wet you appetite. “ Overview The Web Platform Installer (Web…