LogParser and SharePoint (kinda like chocolate and peanut butter)

Thinks I came across a post on the IIS.net forums (http://forums.iis.net/p/1153101/1884922.aspx#1884922) that led to what looks to be a promising tool to add to your SharePoint toolbox.   From Gluegood Software “ LogParser.WSS30 – I recently published a Logparser COM input plug-in for Sharepoint Lists.  This allows for Logparser queries against Sharepoint lists, document libraries…


Updated Best Practices for SharePoint capacity management documentation on TechNet

Thinks Recently (12/04/2008) updated guidance on proven practices (a.k.a. Best Practices) for capacity management for SharePoint implementations on TechNet. Highlights (well almost the complete post from TechNet link with highlights added for emphasis) Document your capacity planning strategy as early as possible in the planning process, and then refine it as the project continues. Early…


SharePoint Guidance in Patterns and Practices

Thinks “ Summary This guidance helps architects and developers design, build, test, deploy and upgrade SharePoint intranet applications. A reference implementation that is named the Contoso Training Management application demonstrates solutions to common architectural, development, and application lifecycle management challenges. This guidance discusses the following: Architectural decisions about patterns, feature factoring, and packaging. Design tradeoffs…


Sample code acceptance checklist for IT organizations with emphasis on SharePoint

Thinks I get the this question on a very frequent basis. In fact, I ask myself quite frequently as well what should be checked for in order to bless SharePoint code for acceptance? The following snippet from the TechNet page sums up the reason we need to be looking at the quality of the code…


MSDN – Workflow Resource Center

Thinks One of the questions I get asked quite a bit is around SharePoint and Workflow. I wanted to make sure that I added a link to Workflow Resource Center on MSDN. Links MSDN Workflow Resource Center Clinks GREAT resource, worth the visit just for the image  


The Windows Server 2003 /3GB switch is not supported in Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 or in later versions or in SharePoint Portal Server 2003 SP2 or in later versions

Thinks Used to be the magic bullet, /3GB that is. Quote form the KB article “ The /3GB switch changes the way that the Microsoft Windows 4 GB virtual address space is split up. Instead of splitting the 4 GB virtual address space into 2 GB of user mode virtual address space and 2 GB…


WSS and MOSS Backup, Recovery and Disaster Recovery scenarios

Thinks There are many options available to you for backup, restore and DR of your WSS/MOSS Environment Nothing but a prayer too common of a scenario where best wishes and prayers are used to not need a backup SharePoint Designer Stsadm Utility – stsadm –o backup/restore, stsadm –o export/import Backup of the whole environment to…


The "Mojave Experiment"

Thinks I came across this site on an internal e-mail thread but I wanted to blog about it. It is not really related to SharePoint directly per se, however, I thought that it was very eye opening and I hope that it is true research. Links The "Mojave Experiment" Clinks Bad and Good It is…


Limiting Your SharePoint Objects with PowerShell

Thinks Darrin Bishop has another post on using PowerShell (my not so new techno love flame, will, not Darrin but PowerShell) with SharePoint (my super-duper zealous techno love flame.) As you will find, using PowerShell to return information from the SharePoint Object Model will give you more than want you thought you wanted. Sometimes this…