People Picker Picked a Peck of Points

In another non-alliterated words, what it the flow of requests that occur with a user (EUC, not eunich) search with the People Picker Browse Display UI. I was about to try to build this from scratch to make sure that I was troubleshooting the correct boundaries on a recent problem, but, then, BING to the rescue (AGAIN!). The flow diagram of the requests was already out there! YAY to MSDN ( ) There is such a wealth of information out there. Especially, on [MS-WSSO]: Windows SharePoint Services Overview. No need to second guess when the protocol is outlined, diagramed, and described in such detail. Enjoy.



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  1. lvirden says:

    I’m having a problem with the people picker. When I use the browse function of the people picker, then type in a department name, the result set does not contain all the people in that department that people picker "knows". That is to say, if a department has 30 active members, and I brose, type in the department name, and press search, I might get 5 people back, I might get 35 back (with 10 of the hits being people who are no longer in the department), but I seldom get the full active list of department members. The weird thing is that, within the same browse window, if I type in the name of one of the people not being returned, their entry is then returned and shows the department name in the result.

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